Property Maintenance

The range of property support services we provide is exhaustive and the protection of your assets is paramount to us as we strive for complete client satisfaction. Providing a one stop solution for your empty property maintenance is our aim and as such we can cover almost any need including Gas and Electrical checks and isolation and more…


At 365 Property support we provide a whole range of services some of which can be seen in there own pages on this site and some which are not.

Our property support service is all about satisfying the needs of our clients and there is nothing that we cannot cover in the area of vacant property maintenance services.  It is our stated aim that we become a one stop shop for all your property support & maintenance requirements by providing the widest possible range of associated services as possible.  You will see from the service headings on this site that we cover…

  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Boarding Up
  • Property Clearance
  • Gardening & Garden Maintenance
  • Domestic Fencing
  • Site Fencing & Hoarding365 Property Support
  • Hazardous & Chemical Waste Disposal

Other services we provide include…

  • Gas & Electrical Testing
  • Services Isolation
  • Confidential Paperwork Removal ans Shredding
  • and many more
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