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Plumbing Services

We can provide full plumbing services to all sizes of projects, from large projects like bathroom installations and boiler replacements to smaller jobs like leaking taps or cisterns.  We provide ourselves on being a complete plumbing service, so whenever a plumbing problem causes issues for a home or business you should call 365 Plumbing and heating on 01527 64555 for the best possible service

Heating Services

Boilers today are expensive pieces of equipment and breakdowns are not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous.  The easiest way to safeguard against this is to ensure your system is regularly serviced and maintained,  regular maintenance will ensure not only that your system is safe but also that it is working to its optimum performance ensuring the best economical performance and saving you money.

Need a new system? 

As well as providing full boiler and central heating system servicing, we can also help with the selection and installation of the most suitable new system for you.   We will advise on all the available options giving you everything you need to make an informed decision and answering any questions you have about the systems available or the best use of what you already have.


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